What to seek from an SEO Company in India?


Search engine optimization has become an indispensable part of the digital world. It is next to impossible to think of running a profitable business without making a decent investment on optimization. Out of many SEO companies in India, finding the perfect one for your business demands great research and knowledge.


Here is a quick guide on what to exactly seek from an SEO company:

  • Deciding Between In-House And Outsource Services:

For some businesses, optimization plays hero in deciding the success of the company. For such cases, you need a full-time in-house team that can keep a check on every single process and help to give direction towards a client focused work approach. On the other hand, if the requirement is temporary, it is always better to go for outsourcing services.

  • Outsourcing Or Simply Consulting:

The biggest loss that one can face is due to unawareness. It is a harsh reality that hiring full-fledged SEO services can turn out to be really expensive. In such cases, one can just opt for consultancy, while the actual work will be done by the in-house experts only. It is absolutely your call to see whether you are in need of complete assistance or simply availing consultancy would help.

  • SEO Is Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea:

It is absolutely wrong to practice something just because everyone is doing the same. Search engine optimization is a highly competitive practice and you really need good support to survive the same. At an initial level, it is important to conduct deep analysis of the company’s strengths and weaknesses and then take further decisions.


In order to properly understand what to ask for from an SEO company in India, it is more important to do a SWOT analysis of your organization to arrive at a well-researched and safe decision.

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Grow Your App Downloads With ASO Optimization Strategies

2017 has started, you must have scheduled development of some apps for this year. No matter with what intent you are planning to build your apps, ultimately the final goal will always be making money. Let’s say after creating you have released your app for users in the market but are failing to gather downloads from them. In this situation, your app is said to be of no use. Therefore, your app needs more download so that you can make more money. Being an app maker, for gaining more downloads, you should know how to increase your app downloads.

Below mentioned few guidelines can help you increase your app downloads-

  • Your app should be updated regularly

    It is important for you to update your apps regularly because this offer users with a great experience. Your app should be updated minimum once in a month to improve it’s overall usability. This will not only sends a signal to the app stores but also to the users that you are investing time and resources to improve your apps. By doing this you are simply motivating more and more users to download your app and gaining acceptance worldwide.

  • Use content marketing for your apps

    Content marketing is the most effective way to reach the people who are likely to download your app and there are number of ways to come closer to content marketing. Firstly, you need to find your targeted audience and then involve your team in the process to create content. Make sure your content should be entertaining, inspiring and visible to your viewers.

  • Use social media communities for your apps

    These platforms can be powerful tools that attracts the attention of new crowd which helps you to build a successful community online. In order, to deliver your message to more and more people, using info-graphics and videos can be great idea plus you also  need to select your platform wisely. Adding relevant articles and posts that will help your community members will be your best step. iPhone-App-Marketing-Service-380x334

    Like every business owner, you also want your app to gain popularity worldwide but with the quick increase in the number of apps, it is really becoming difficult for various app publishers to generate popularity, downloads and high ratings for their app. Here, it really becomes necessary for you to use app marketing services that will improve app downloads and its overall success.

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White Hat SEO Or SEO Reseller Service: Decision Is Yours

Are you lacking behind from your competitor in terms of website traffic and rankings? If yes, you need to select white hat SEO services from the available lot many methods. As per the major search engines like Google, this technique is recognized as legitimate marketing. One technique that comes under white hat SEO services include placing of keywords somewhere on the site.   But, this doesn’t mean that keep repeating keywords hundreds of time making website look messy and unpleasant to the visitors. Place your keywords a couple of times in order to rank them well. Place your keywords in the URL, meta title, meta description, headings or in the first paragraph of the content in order to increase their rankings online. Now one question might hit your mind and that is why you need place your keywords on such places, what is the use? Answer to this is simple, search engines look at these places the most.

Putting keywords on the website helps to rank but if keywords are used as terms such as “Internet marketing”, you should start building links. For this you need to visit the most common resources like forums. If you want to build links through forums, make sure that  you connects with a good ranking forum and also try to find out forums within your niche. For example, if you have a fishing website, try to find out fishing forum that permits you to leave a link below your signature.


When everyone is promising you higher ranking results, you need to find a reliable SEO reseller company that can help you reduce your burden by keeping your image intact. If you are a marketing agency that has lots of clients across the world asking for SEO services and due to some reason you are unable to meet their expectations, then a great thing you can do is to join a SEO reseller program that can bring you best of return on your clients investment. The SEO game is all about selecting the right company like Marketing Adventure which understands your budget and needs and offer you right services according to your business needs.

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Scope Of SEO In India- The Future Is Bright


A huge rise in SEO services has been noticed in the recent few years due to the increasing demand of the businesses to improve their visibility on the world wide web. Gone are the days when one had to pitch a product to a customer face to face. The widespread use of the Internet is the reason why every business owner wants to promote their product and services online. The popularity of a business can be defined on the basis of the amount of traffic and ranking of its website. To gain both of these, you need to employ good SEO services.

If you are struggling hard for the last few months too gain the desired results and yet not receiving a good amount of traffic. Then obviously you are losing sales and in short, your website is failing to fulfill the objective of your business. This is the time when you should consider hiring a reliable company providing SEO services in India and across the world that not only improves your business visibility, draws better volume of traffic but transforms more number of queries into a potential leads.

The time when SEO services were introduced, none of us have the clear image about what it is and how it can be useful, later because of the growing competition in the market and the increasing need of a optimized website, more and more companies stepped in to learn about these services. A research says that yet SEO services have not gained much of popularity in the Indian market but, a growth is expected in the coming next few years.

However, if you want derive all the above mentioned benefits, it is necessary that you ask a reliable SEO company India like Marketing Adventure to handle your online promotion activities. If you want to know more about this company and the services offered by them, Internet is the best place to visit.

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How Important Are SEO Reseller Services For The Companies?

Today, every business owner want his business to gain online presence as it helps them to promote their products and services worldwide through Internet. But your business won’t be visible to potential customers without ranking higher in search results. So, you need to hire a SEO company that can help you improve your business rankings in the search results. Finding a right SEO Company can be difficult because of the increasing demand of SEO services in the market. This demand seems to rise in the coming future because millions of companies have started joining online market.

SEO reseller companies offer programs that are easy to understand and also help you to sell your SEO services under your own brand name. These professional SEO companies provide complete support and help, that you may need to fulfill all your SEO requirements.

Have a look on some benefits that these SEO reseller companies offer-

  1.  Highest profit margins
  2.  24*7 live support
  3.  Traffic report
  4.  Report of broken links
  5.  Submissions report
  6.  Create your custom packages
  7.  No upfront payment
  8.  Pre & post ranking reports

Marketing Adventure is an India based SEO company that offer quality and professional SEO services to client’s worldwide. They provide unique SEO reseller program that is designed to provide positive results in terms of ranking in the search results, you can join our SEO Reseller Programs to get the best return on Investment and gain benefits such as on time delivery of projects, attractive profit margins and sales and marketing support.

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How To Choose The Best One SEO Company In India?

There is no doubt that India has its shares of strong SEO providing companies. If you’re on the hunt for a quality firm then you’ll find that choices are limitless. With so many differences in rates, quality and structure, deciding on the best providers for you can be overwhelming.

However, there is no hard and fast rules for choosing an SEO company but checking the elements will at least help you to filter out the week claimants, leaving you with a list of the best agencies. Here are some tips or hints that will help you what you should and what you shouldn’t look out in a marketing company to help you get the biggest ROI from your higher Google rank.

It would not be so awesome if you just Google for the “best SEO company India” and choose one among the first 10 top companies. Some of those companies can have charge of $50,000 for a month minimum. However, the truth is that your local business doesn’t need the force of such big agencies. You just need a company that works their best to serve you at cost-effective rates. Ask other small business owners you trust and coordinate with. Learn about their past experiences, by exploring their testimonials and reviews.

The very first thing you have to take into account is just how much you can actually afford to pay. Fees will be very different across the board, so it’s necessary for you to have a figure in mind and get a dependable SEO company in India who can work on your budget. There are some SEO professionals who are just starting out and just charge $50 to $100 an hour or charge a flat rate a month.

Once you’ve determined just how much you can expect to pay, you have to ask the Search Engine Optimization company how much they can anticipate getting paid. What ROI they will provide you and how do their firm plan to track it? You must dive into what their strategies are and how frequent you’ll receive status reports? Make sure these measurements are clearly defined from the start and you have a communication plan readily available before doing business with them.

A lot of leading SEO companies have feedbacks on their website, but they’re not the references you are interested in since those might be their biggest success stories. Ask for names and contact details of at least three of their clients to get a completely honest opinion. Ask their customers if they were pleased with the communication and services the company provided them.

Regardless of which company you choose, just make sure you’re reviewing the SEO strategies on minimum every six months. Search engines will continuously change their algorithms and become more advanced. If you really want to flourish our business for the long haul, you will have to be alert, too.

Choose The Most Effective SEO Services In India That Lead You On The Right Track

SEO has been a constant battleground for the experts and or SEO professionals who are trying to increase the visibility of their website on the search engines and make their site to be found on the first page of SERPs. With this availing SEO services has become a pivotal necessity of online business not only because it has the potential to help them bring lots of visitors to their website, but because it has the capacity to help increase their whole return on investment from their SEO marketing campaign.

Keeping all these facts in mind, it has become important for everyone to choose the most reliable and effective services from an SEO company in India. Before you choose an SEO in India for yourself it is necessary that you must check their recommendation for your site and what they are going to deliver. Also, check out their glorious performances. Feel free to ask them questions regarding your chances of your success. Try to avoid technical terms and suggest them to talk to you in layman’s terms.

Unfortunately, SEO process is not so easy as it sounds. Search engine algorithms are getting more complex as the Internet world is getting advanced. Thus, you need an expert for SEO services who will understand the motto of your business first and then provide the services accordingly. Marketing Adventure is one of the best SEO company in India that bring more leads to your business and convert them into sales. Providing the best SEO campaign for your company, their services combine thorough keyword, and competitor research with SEO techniques such as link building, social media sharing, and content creation.

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Find a Top SEO Company In India To Get Increased Visibility In Search Engines

Many entrepreneurs have realized that the Internet is the best channel of reaching their target markets today. This is because many of the peoples are spending a lot of their time on the Internet. As such, much of their shopping decision depend on the basis of the information seo-services-indiathey gather from the Internet. People decide which brand to go because their friends on the social media have recommended it. In this situation, the SEO companies become very important. Their SEO services help businesses reach their target market by ensuring that their messages reach to their audience. They do this by ensuring increased visibility and ranking of pages where these businesses place information about their brands.

Many businesses are looking for the best SEO firms to ensure that they get the best results from the money they invest in getting these Internet solutions. There are many providers of Internet solutions. To get the one top SEO company among these, you need to consider certain factors. The quality of the service is very important to consider while choosing the best service provider. You can look at the quotations of these companies to compare the prices of the different service providers. Ultimately, you would be able to get the service that you had desired at a reasonable price.

Marketing Adventure is one of the best SEO firms serving different industry verticals from small, medium, large enterprises to corporate, for years using our proven digital marketing methodology. With a big team of adept SEO personnel, we are capable and efficient enough to deliver the promised results with the given time-frame.

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Choosing a Good SEO Firm In India That Provides Long Term Solution


Every corporate body want to increase their sales and visitors to their website. In order to attract more visitors to your website, you must have a website and ranked in the top of search engine results. The procedure to take your website at the top of the results is called search engine optimization and the services provided by them are SEO services. With the help of these services, you can make the visibility of a website on the World Wide Web through augmentation of its rank in the search engine listings.

SEO India covers various aspects that together results in a successful online promotion of your website in the market. These optimization services cover everything right from keywords research, article/blog content writing, optimizing webpages, search engine submissions to creating monthly progressive reports. But, to ensure that all your requirements are going in the right way, you need the guidance of an SEO expert in India. All these experts made judicious usage of different strategies that helps in increasing your ranking in the search engines.

But, choosing the right company is also the very important decision for the success of your online business. If a good search engine optimization firm can hit your business it can also make your business flop in different aspects. So, always hire a god and experienced SEO that satisfies and meets all your requirements in the best way. Marketing Adventure is one of the leading SEO company in India that offer affordable, up to date and result oriented services for all your needs.

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Get More Exposure For Your Business With Facebook Advertising


The fact that Facebook has over a billion registered users make it one of the main social platforms that you can not ignore when it comes to advertising. It is a yielding place where you can place your ads and be able to reach out to billions of potential customers. Regardless of whether you have your business website, Facebook provides you with the essential tools that help you to create impressive ads through which you can attract millions of potential customers to your website, thus improve your business.

In Facebook Advertising, a small business can make most of the leverage. They can also drive traffic to their own website by using the Facebook page. However, if you want to be visible in the streams of every potential user’s account, you will need to advertise your business on Facebook. Here are some of the simple task that will help you to advertise on Facebook. that can attract viewer’s eyes.

  • Think about what product you’re going to promote.
  • Create your own account. However, if you already have one, create a specific page for your business.
  • Make a unique and short title for your act
  • Put an image related to your business.
  • And at the end, choose the payment for Facebook Paid Marketing, it is very cost effective. It can be CPC or pay for the impression.
  • You can change it to lower or higher bid in order to draw more Facebook users as per your budget.

However, there are a lot of technical things associated with Facebook Paid Advertising and for this, you need to go through the best practices. Marketing Adventure helps you to easily create several ads and control your daily costs to make sure you are not spending the money on the wrong Facebook ads.

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